We believe in a world,

in which body and skin care

are driven by temperature.

Aurox products are based on thermo-electric technology that creates cooling and warming effects on different body parts. We believe that our solutions will soon become part of everyone's daily life. Every product we build requires hard-earned skills, dedication and a daring vision. Continue reading and learn about the different products we are working on to create for a better tomorrow.


The therapeutic effects of Heat and Cold are long established as effective ways to benefit personal health. Aurox has built a research and development team dedicated to discovering ways to use Peltier technology to bring these benefits into daily life.



The Aurox products are based on thermoelectric effects generated by Peltier elements. These elements create cooling and warming effects for different use cases such as refreshing, relaxing or increasing performance.

Who we are

Based in Graz, Austria - Aurox GmbH was founded in 2016 and focuses on the development of novel wearables that apply thermoelectric cooling and warming across areas of the body. We are proud alumni of European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre. The company began with a single product, The Aurox Headband, which was identified as a promising technology to address the physical and psychological stress caused by space travel. Our interdisciplinary R&D team consists of individuals from diverse backgrounds working together to address health and wellness needs using thermoelectric technology. 

Image by Daniel J. Schwarz