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What is the Aurox® Headband?

It is a wearable that applies precise thermoelectric cooling to the forehead and temples. It can be used location-independently just by a push of a button. The Aurox® Headband is the first device to reduce stress and many other discomforts such as heat or fatigue within seconds - without side effects. The user gets the freedom to put him-/herself into RELAX mode or PERFORM mode, in less than 10 minutes.

What is the Aurox® Headband for?

It helps people RELAX more effectively, due to its pleasing massaging function and chilling effect of slight warm-cold application (e.g. relief stress, fall sleep easier, fully relax) and PERFORM, because heavy cooling on the forehead and temples refreshes and wakes up (e.g. stay awake, focus at work, prepare for sports, studying or during whatever challenge you want to face).

What is the Aurox® App?

The Aurox® Headband can be individually controlled with the buttons of the device and/or via the Aurox® App. The smartphone application offers different temperature and massage programs to RELAX (Full relaxation, Powernap, Deep sleep, Stress relief, Meditation etc.) or PERFORM (Wake up!, Concentration, Sports preparation, High-performance, Refresh, etc). Through simple app-updates, new programs and features can be provided without any changes in the hardware.

When should I use the Aurox® Headband?

Anytime you get the feeling you need to take a break, chill, take a power nap or when you need to PERFORM intensely either at work, sports, studying or any for other challenge.

When will the Aurox® Headband be available?

The market launch will start soon on Kickstarter. If you subscribe to our newsletter, we will inform you in advance and you will have the chance to get early bird conditions.

How can the Aurox® Headband be charged and how long is the battery life?

It can be charged with a USBType-C cable which will be provided with the Aurox® Headband. The batteries provide energy for up to 3 hours of non-stop use. (Keep in mind: the usual application is approx. 10 minutes)

How long does one program of the Aurox® App take?

The programs you can choose via the Aurox® App last for approx. 10 min.

How can I control the temperature?

Users can select their ideal temperature between approx. 16 °C and 36 °C (depending on the environment temperature), just by pushing the right (to increase) or left (to decrease) buttons on the Aurox®Headband.

Where can I download the Aurox® App?

It can be found in iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

Is the Aurox®Headband waterproof?

It cannot be used under water. However, it is sweat resistant.

What is the Aurox® Actileg?

It is a wearable for the medial lower leg that creates some cooling and warming effects to improve the blood flow of its users, in order to prevent vein insufficiencies.

What is the Aurox® Actileg for?

The Aurox® Actileg has been specially designed to improve the legs' blood flow in order to prevent vein insufficiencies and to treat varicose vens.

How does the Aurox® Actileg work?

Aurox® Actileg is positioned in the medial lower leg and attached to it using the Aurox® Straps. The cooling and warming effects are issued by the push of a button or via the Aurox® App.

What technology does the Aurox® Actileg use?

It uses thermoelectric technology (Peltier effect).

What technology does the Aurox® Headband use?

It uses thermoelectric technology (Peltier effect).

When can the Aurox® Actileg be used?

Aurox® Actileg may be used during working hours in the office, relaxing at home or even travelling on a plane to improve blood flow when legs are not being moved enough.

Which material is the Aurox® Actileg made of?

It is made of aluminum and plastic.

What is the Aurox® Actileg's weight?

240 grams

How can I control the temperature?

The temperature cannot be manually controlled. Nonetheless, there are different temperature patterns offered in the Aurox® App that can be played by the user.

What different sizes of the Aurox® Actileg are available? How can I know which one is my size?

Aurox® Actileg is available in one size (one fits all) and it is possible to adjust it to different leg sizes with the Aurox® Straps.

How can the Aurox® Actileg be charged and how long is the battery life?

It can be charged with a USBType-C cable which will be provided with the Aurox® Actileg. The batteries provide energy for up to 6 hours of non-stop use.

How can I check the battery status?

Aurox® Actileg has two LEDs located in the Power-button that indicate the status of the battery using different color codes (green, dark orange, orange and red). Besides, the battery status can also be checked on the Aurox® App.

Can the Aurox® Actileg overheat and burn me?

The temperature of the surface in contact with the skin is continuously controlled with four temperature sensors. In case of overheating, the power supply will immediately be lowered. In the extreme case where the sensors do not work, the power supply would be completely stopped.

Is the Aurox® Actileg waterproof?

It cannot be used under water. However, it is sweat resistant.

What is the best way to clean the Aurox® Actileg?

The Aurox® Actileg should be cleaned using the provided microfiber cloth. If needed, the device can be wiped off with a slightly moistened cloth and dried off with a cloth afterwards.

Where can I store the Aurox® Actileg?

The packaging itself is specially designed to store the Aurox® Actileg.

Can I sleep with the Aurox® Actileg?

It is not recommended, due to the fact that the Movement Reminder vibration, which is supposed to let the user know that the leg must be moved, will not be noticed.

Can I use the Aurox® Actileg during sports?

Aurox® Actileg can be used before practicing sports to warm up and prepare the legs for the exercise. The device can also be used for leg recovery after sports but it is not highly recommended if the user is sweating heavily.

Can the Aurox® Actileg be used during sunbathing?

Aurox® Actileg should not be exposed to hot environments or direct sunlight due to the fact that the cooling effects issued need the heat to dissipate corrrectly. If the Aurox® Actileg is exposed to these environment conditions, it is likely that it will not cool down properly or it will overheat.

Can one Aurox® Actileg be used by different people?

Aurox® Actileg can be used by multiple users but it is highly recommended to clean and disinfect the device after every use to prevent infections.

How can I get in touch with your team?

Via email at office@auroxtech.com Instagram at @auroxtech Facebook at @auroxtech

What languages are supported on the Aurox® App?

German, English, Spanish and Chinese.

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