World's first Headband with instant cooling & warming technology


Aurox® Headband is the world's first device that applies cooling and warming (Peltier effect) to the forehead and the temples by the simple push of a button.


Adjusted to the user's needs, this device will soon become part of everyone's daily life.


Almost two centuries ago, in 1834, a French physicist named Jean Charles Athanase Peltier discovered that at the junction of two dissimilar metals an electric current produces heat or cold, depending on the direction of the current flow. This calorific effect is afterwards known as the Peltier effect.


The Aurox® Headband is based on this mentioned thermo-electrical effect, giving you this individual cooling effect you need to whenever or wherever you want. 


Based on the Peltier effect, the Aurox® Headband applies the necessary temperature that allows precision cooling exactly on the most promising spots to increase wellbeing.


The Aurox® Headband affects the upper branch of the trigeminal nerve for an immediate positive impact on your concentration, performance and wellbeing.

These cooling spots are placed above your forehead and temples and guarantee a smooth and comfortable cooling experience.

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